Mirhane Ahmed

Mirhane Ahmed is a EMO Master Practitioner in Cairo, Egypt & Madrid, Spain, Spain
Mirhane Ahmed


- EMO Master Practitioner from the Guild of Energists . 

-Certified from AUC - for "GoGlobal: Strategy and Innovation Executive Development Program" for

the C-Suite. (2016) 

-Certified Chromatic Relations Healing from Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation, 2015.

-Certified Chromatic Healing Level 1& 2 from Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation  2013, 2014 . 

-Kinetic Healing Certificate level-1; Blue Lotus Wellbeing Foundation (2014).

- Certified Basic Pranic Healing from World Pranic Healing Foundation, 2013. - Certified Advanced Pranic Healing from World Pranic Healing Foundation,

2013-Certified Pranic Psychotherapy from World Pranic Healing Foundation, 2013. 

- Reiki levels 1 & 2 , International Association of Reiki Professionals 2013 -

Tai Chi Chuan, 2013, 2014 .

- Meditation , Egypt Meditation Lounge 2014 . - Self Hypnosis, Lucid Training 2013. 

- Firewalking, Lucid Training, 2012 .


Guild of Energists

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